Fleming's Signature Prime New York Strip

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*Priced Per Steak* Fleming's aged USDA prime steaks are taken from the top 10% of all fed steers in the USA then wet aged to perfection in vacuum sealed bags for a minimum of 60 days. This ensures that every steak we deliver is moist, well marbled, and flavorful, with unmatched age, tenderness, and quality.

The New York Strip is cut from the short side of the beef loin and well-known for its full bodied flavor, rich marbling, and firm texture, and aged to perfection. Available in boneless and bone in cuts. Average weight per steak is approximately 18-20 oz (bone in) and 12-14 oz (boneless).

Steaks average 1.25" thick and are available in USDA Prime graded meat. Prices given per steak.