Meat Bundle #3 (St Louis Style Pork Ribs, Smoked Sausage, Pork Fajitas, French Cut Pork Chops)

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Our meat bundles are designed to take all the hassle out of serving a crowd and guaranteed to have you coming back for more!

Bundle #3 includes our delicious St Louis Style Pork Ribs, Fleming's Jalapeno Cheese Smoked Sausage, Marinated Pork Fajitas, and French Cut Pork Chops

Each package contains 2 x St Louis Style Pork Rib racks, 5 lbs of our perfectly seasoned and smoked Jalapeno Cheese sausage, 4 lbs of famous Marinated Pork Fajitas, and 7 individually packaged French Cut Pork Chops (8 oz average).